Dry Needling Acupuncture – Point of Life Acupuncture San Francisco

Dry needling acupuncture focuses on using trigger points to help you recover from ailments like inflammation to feel like yourself again. It’s an alternative treatment that has been growing in popularity as an alternative treatment and has caught the attention of San Francisco residents seeking pain management. If you have either chronic or acute pain, […]

7 traits to look for when seeking acupuncture

Tips for people seeking acupuncture in San Francisco The Traits to Look for in a Good Acupuncturist Searching for acupuncture in San Francisco is similar to when you search for other healthcare providers. You wouldn’t necessarily to go to the very first listing you find in a phonebook. You would ideally take your time and […]

Can Acupuncture Enhance Fertility?

Fertility Acupuncture – San Francisco, CA Can Acupuncture Enhance Individuals And Couple’s Chances of Fertility? Fertility acupuncture treatments are a growing area for TCM that’s beginning to explode and quickly become adopted by the mainstream. You might be considering alternative methods if you’re struggling with the confusion and anguish that comes when women, men, and […]

Allergies: How Acupuncture and Cleansing can help!

Last weekend, I was on a hike up in the Marin headlands with some friends and we got on the subject of allergies. They asked me what causes allergies according to Chinese Medicine. I thought I would share with you my answer. Here is a little summary of what causes allergies to exist and why […]

Japanese Moxibustion Class in San Francisco – April 2019

On the weekend of April 6th and 7th, you will have an amazing opportunity to learn a wonderful Japanese moxibustion system from Dr. Yuki Itaya. She is the only authorized teacher to teach this system outside Japan. For all those who are looking for a highly relaxing and extremely effective system, sans needles, you won’t want […]

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