At Point of Life Acupuncture, you have the opportunity to truly move the needle on your health and well-being.  Under the calm and compassionate care of Paola Acuña L. Ac., you can experience the best that Chinese Medicine has to offer. 

Daily commitments and responsibilities can weigh on our general wellness.  Add in our lifestyle and busy schedules and it is no wonder that we experience aches, pains, anxiety or trouble sleeping.  Acupuncture can assist with these and a range of other symptoms, by assisting the body back into its natural state of balanced energy.  Patients find success in digestion, mood, concentration and energy levels along with a myriad of other health benefits when undergoing a treatment plan involving acupuncture.

Point of Life Acupuncture provides gentle and patient-focused services that include heat therapy (moxibustion), cupping, also known as suction therapy, lifestyle and nutritional counseling.   Each session addresses acute and chronic conditions, while providing general wellness and preventative care. Whether you are recovering from an injury, managing a disease, or striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Paola can help you achieve your goals.  Point of Life Acupuncture is located at 166 Geary Street, Suite 1102 in San Francisco.