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Dry needling acupuncture focuses on using trigger points to help you recover from ailments like inflammation to feel like yourself again. It’s an alternative treatment that has been growing in popularity as an alternative treatment and has caught the attention of San Francisco residents seeking pain management. If you have either chronic or acute pain, this effective, natural treatment may be for you.

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What is Dry needling?

Dry-needling is the practice of inserting a needle into specific trigger points. The needles are “dry”, meaning there are no medications on them. There are some treatments options available that may include medication.

Trigger points are areas in the muscle tissues of the body. Hitting these trigger points can affect that area, but it can also affect other parts of the body, too. The body is connected in strange and unexpected ways. Think about how your doctor will tap your knee and your entire leg will move. Utilizing these connections for our benefit can produce surprisingly effective results. An acupuncturist can put a needle into a specific area to cause a reaction in another part of the body. The strategic use of trigger points activates the body’s natural painkillers while inducing repair of damaged muscle tissues, influencing a healing response.

Benefits of Dry Needling

There are a number of reasons why people get dry needling instead of trying modern methods. Here are just a few of the benefits.

No downtime

Recovery with this procedure is as simple as it gets. You won’t need to take any time off of work. You won’t even have to cancel any of your plans for the night. Once you leave our office, you are free to go about your regular day.

Doesn’t hurt

Contrary to what you may believe, acupuncture does not hurt, so there no level of pain involved in treatment. When you compare acupuncture to the extreme level you would have to go through if you went under the knife, acupuncture is the most desirable option.


For people who like to stay as natural as possible, dry needling acupuncture is a great option! There are no chemicals or synthetic components at all. The ingredients are simply needles, your body, and a little bit of know-how. You don’t have to worry about throwing off your body’s natural balance by introducing foreign substances into your body.

No medications

Narcotics are notorious for causing addiction in the people that take them. If you know that you are prone to addiction or don’t want to put synthetic medications into your body, acupuncture is a great antidote that doesn’t involve any pills.

Dry Needling in San Francisco

Patients who have experienced movement related injuries may still be feeling the trauma in bones and muscles after medical care. Following up care with acupuncture helps offer relief in a number of different ways. dry needling san francisco acupuncture

Relax muscles

An injury can cause your muscles to tense up and stay in a tightened state. Obviously, this will cause pain after a while. When a needle hits the associated myofascial trigger point, it forces the muscle to relax. This causes a healing response that allows you to feel the tension lift from your body.

Improve blood flow

A constricted muscle makes it more difficult for blood to get through that area of your body. The muscles essentially tighten the veins, making it harder for the blood to travel. When the muscle is relaxed, blood can flow more freely.

Improve movement

When you relieve the aches in your body, you will notice a huge difference in how well you are able to move. Your movement issues may not be completely healed after one acupuncture treatment, but you are likely to see a significant difference. Most patients see a greatly improved range of motion after a few treatments.


More than 30 states allow dry needling. In the state of California, the procedure is can only be done by a licensed and certified acupuncturist. Other states might allow physical therapists to perform the procedure. There has been much debate as to whether a practitioner needs to be certified in acupuncture to perform dry needling procedures.

If you decide to seek dry-needling treatment, be sure to go to a licensed acupuncturist to get the best care.

If you are ready to try holistic treatment for aches and pains in San Francisco, acupuncture can provide swift relief. Contact us for a free consultation and see for yourself how big of a difference it can make in your life. You may begin to feel better than you have felt in a long time. Best of all, it is a 100% natural treatment option. Make an appointment today.

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