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The Traits to Look for in a Good Acupuncturist

Searching for acupuncture in San Francisco is similar to when you search for other healthcare providers. You wouldn’t necessarily to go to the very first listing you find in a phonebook. You would ideally take your time and find someone you feel comfortable with.

But acupuncture is more than just inserting (painless) needles into the skin. It encompasses a series of practices that benefit both your mind and body. Knowing what traits to look for in a good acupuncturist can save you both time and money.

To make this task a little easier, we’ve compiled some of the most important traits to note when searching for acupuncture in San Francisco.

Art of Deep Listening

A good, trustworthy acupuncturist will always have the knowledge, skill, and ability to form lasting relationships with the patient’s best interest at heart. In order to fully master deep listening, a good acupuncturist must listen to their patient’s concerns with their ears and heart.

A huge spectrum of human emotions can be felt through listening: tension, melancholy, tranquility, joy, and pain—all through changes in volume and intonations of voice. A good acupuncturist always treats their patients with kindness and openness. Then they use acupuncture as a tool to bring you back to alignment with perfect health.

Choose someone who listens to your needs and then sets long and short term goals for your own individual treatment so that you are able to assess whether you are making progress. For some patients, they may feel immediate relief with the traditional needle placement. However, some ailments like fertility acupuncture require more than one treatment.

Communication Skills

Your health and wellness professional should always have a positive attitude and an acupuncturist is no exception. The initial visit is the most important one as it helps you get your first impression of the acupuncturist. Great acupuncturists will go over the length of each treatment before the session begins and inform you of any mild discomfort you may experience.

They will listen to any concerns you may have and incorporate into treatments to suit your medical and comfort needs. It is best you choose an acupuncturist who shows an interest in knowing you, your health needs, and overall experience preferences.

Takes Both Western and Nutritional Medicine into Consideration

Acupuncture is widely accepted in Eastern cultures as a well-respected treatment alternative for medical ailments. Because it’s used in a different way in the Western world, the concept of acupuncture is still foreign to some. The overall expectation of treatment, surgical intervention, and even prescriptions differs when the approach is from a holistic perspective.

However, a qualified acupuncturist knows exactly how to perform their treatments in conjunction with traditional practices to help improve their patient’s specific conditions. Each acupuncture visit addresses both acute and chronic conditions while providing general wellness and preventative care.

Experience Speaks for Itself

Perfecting the art of acupuncture takes far more than memorizing a textbook. Experience and expertise are two traits that your acupuncturist should demonstrate from the very first visit. While some acupuncturists consider themselves generalists and provide treatment for different complaints such as neck pain, others specialize in certain ailments, similar to the way Western Medicine physicians do.

study acupunctureWhen someone goes to an acupuncturist for treatment whether it be for relief from bulging discs in the cervical spine or for relief from shoulder pain, their attention is on what is going on the outside of their body. A good acupuncturist takes the time to ask questions to help reveal and solve the underlying issues. In addition, they will make sure you feel comfortable before, during and even after pain management treatment.

They Make You Feel Comfortable

Going over the process of acupuncture involves explaining the concept of Qi. Qi is considered to be a certain type of energy that flows through the body. Affecting this energy flow involves many factors including acupuncture. Having a trustworthy acupuncturist is crucial to the treatments effectiveness and the process of energy returning to its proper flow. So, you’ll have to ask yourself if the acupuncturist’s office feels safe and tranquil. If you’re unable to feel that way, then you need to find another acupuncturist.

They are Understanding and Patient

Although the acupuncturist can work wonders, they can’t fix every complaint you may have. Not to mention, you also need to take responsibility for your health. Those who practice San Francisco acupuncture know this means you have to be committed to living a healthier lifestyle and be proactive in your healing. You can take herbs, follow up on treatments and abandon bad habits such as drinking and smoking. Keep in mind, you’re not obligated to do this, however, you won’t be considered a good candidate for acupuncture if you’re not willing to commit.

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